Thursday, March 10, 2011

2012 research update - Gronemeyer/MacLeod, Jenkins, Stray

Unfortunately the 2012 / Maya research scene is not very clever in publishing new data. It's not easy to get involved in the result of latest research or current discussion if you are not an "insider".

But not finding new information on the (mostly poor) websites of "the usual suspects", doesn't mean that there is nothing new of great public interest on those topics. Usually it's evident that contrariwise there is something great going on "behind the curtain".

So in the last few month there was

1. a new paper with the translation of the text on the TORTUGUERO MONUMENT 6 by Sven Gronemeyer and Barbara MacLeod (-> which reveals the corrected "prophecy" for 2012:

"Two days, nine-score days, three Tun,
eight K’atun and three Bak’tun (forward),
it will be completed the thirteenth Bak’tun;
it will be 4 Ajaw, 3 K’ank’in.
it will happen; the witnessing of
the adornments of Bolon Yokte’
in the great investiture."

2. a new paper by John Major Jenkins about the "Astronomy of 2012 and Tortuguero Monument 6" which is about the correlations of the several dates on the monument and the JMJs "dark rift"-theory (-> He also called his "mayanist"-colleagues for a Facebook-discussion (which is also in the PDF above)

3. a new paper by Geoff Stray on "The 13-Baktun era vs. the 20-Baktun era" (->

But don't be afraid! You don't have to read hundreds of pages. You could find short news on those things on Geoff Stray's (poor ;-)) website:

All these works are truly scientific. And the fact that I can't find any publication or discussion on all the big "2012-platforms" about, tells me that all those "2012-hypsters" and "end of the world-prophets" are just uninterested and uninformed and just provide misleading information with no ambition.

But I am very happy to get such valuable information about the latest "state of the art" on the 2012 topic, and I hope you are, too. This is why I'd like to share this.