Saturday, June 25, 2011

Has 2012 just begun? #worldrevolution #europeanrevolution #realdemocraynow

Since several weeks the people at the "boarders of europe" are raging against their governments, due to the massive debt crisis, social injustice and undemocratic decision making, which in real not only covers these countries, but also the center of europe and the whole €-zone.
The people and especially politicians of europe has been applauding to the revolutions in north africa and the middle east this spring, but not expecting that this movement may knock on their doors within a few weeks.
"Indigné Vouz!" (appr. "Be Outraged!") is the call of the movement, following the title of a book written by human rights co-founding Stéphane Hessel. "¡Democracia Real YA!" ("Real Democracy Now!") is the offspring of this indignation in Spain which is currently spreading over europe. Even in Germany many groups are forming and networking to bring this movement to the german streets, too.
There is a manifest coming out of the spanish movement which could be found in several languages on the "official website":
It's a peacful movement, which is not getting tiered of announcing that fact. But especially in greece the people out there on the streets are very angry about the mismanagement done by their gov and the debt crisis which should now be paid by those people due to public savings, tax increase and wage cut at the same time. Hopefully the #europeanrevolution will stay peaceful.
There are also many other aspects of the situation which are discussed all over the internet.
You could find a list of (german) connection points at

My thoughts about all this? I'm torn. Sure I'm happy about that there is a "ruck" going through europe, but I feel that a political or social revolution may be the beginning, even when it's done, but not the end of the line.
We have to change our thinking more deeply than we now can imagine to overcome the borders in our heads. The tools are clear: We have to use our creative power to dream a little bigger. We have to open up our mind - individually and conjointly.

But don't be afraid! We are living in great times of change and are happily a generation who will be able to shape our future consciousness made of our heart, mind and soul.