Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Existential fear is a great blocker #5vor2012 #globalchange #ows

As I talk to the people around me about #globalchange and #15o, I could feel that many of them are in a negative vision of our future based on massive existential fear.

As they talk about all the "bad things" happening in our world, especially about the (so called) EURO crisis and the reasons and causes of it, I see a great lack of understanding in their sentiments. They gather their information from mass media and combine them with crude stories about the how the world is and should be. They think that a existence of the world without money (read "gambling-investments driven capitalism") is not possible.

The system we're now living in has done a great job on let us / their people think that we're / they're no able to leave it, as a single oder collectively, without horrible consequences like bankrupt, hunger, death and overall doom which causes the end of our whole universe.

It's true that it might not be easy to shift to another kind of system or consciousness and some who are not willing to open their minds will be left behind, but this is no cause for not trying to change - even if the result might be not that bright as it was expected.

The valley of death we're are all now walking trough is just the end of the old and not the beginning of the new. It's easier to bear this change in my opinion when we open ourself and our minds instead of retreat in our pain and limited world views.

The receipt is to interconnect, interchange and interact which is made possible through the Noosphere we call the internet and the social networking inside. The advantage of these networks is that the grey time-thieving gentlemen, the system-controllers all over the world do not understand how it works and what their meaning is to our society.

They can just stand there with open mouth and parrot phrases they've heard from their kids and trying to transport their old dowdy opinions into it. But every single try of doing this gets more and more ridiculous and plays into the hands of the people who like to change.

Corporates, Governments, Politics, Technology and Science are not per se "evil". But they have to, instead of egomaniacally heading for uncontrolled and unlimited growth or longing for world domination, return to what they've been designed for - to serve the people.

Yes, it's time for a #globalchange, and we have the tools, so let's try to open our minds, overwhelm our old beliefs and dream about a bright future. Everything else will unfold from itself. It's #5vor2012!

"Don't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling."

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